Blazor Line Chart

A Blazor Bootstrap line chart component is a graphical representation of data that uses a series of connected points to show how the data changes over time. It is a type of x-y chart, where the x-axis represents the independent variable, such as time, and the y-axis represents the dependent variable, such as the value.


Refer to the getting started guide for setting up charts.

How it works#

In the following example, a categorical 12-color palette is used.
For data visualization, you can use the predefined palettes ColorBuilder.CategoricalTwelveColors for a 12-color palette and ColorBuilder.CategoricalSixColors for a 6-color palette. These palettes offer a range of distinct and visually appealing colors that can be applied to represent different categories or data elements in your visualizations.


By default, the chart is using the default locale of the platform on which it is running. In the following example, you will see the chart in the German locale (de_DE).

Add data dynamically for a specific dataset#

Data labels#

Tick Configuration#